Monday, September 19, 2011

Out of the Fog

Things are changing.

The fog is lifting.. at least for a week.

My latest CT scan showed HUGE promise, so my Doc gave me an extra week off (between infusions).. last was number 26.....

I still have a spot of nasty in the old pancake..too small to radiate..

We're hoping that it will soon leave my body..

Wondering what it's like to "come out of the fog"?

Here are a few things that make it great..

I can actually concentrate on something for more than a few moments at at time..

...and I can actually remember what it is I'm concentrating on...

Food still tastes the same, though..

My body refuses anything sweet, and lord knows, I would love to sit down to a bowl of chocolate ice cream....

....but that's not happening today..maybe tomorrow...

the neuropathy in my hands appears to be relenting somewhat and my feet just buzz....

I was able to read the Naomi Klein book, "No Logo"....what a joy to read her thoughts and perceptions and actually remember what I've read..

..feel like I could lift some kettlebells.. but I know that feeling isn't doing..

I guess my biggest revelation is seeing just how much my sweet life-partner-husband (and full time caregiver) does for me...

Everything from doing all the laundry to making every meal to helping me move through the day (this in itself is no small feat)....

I feel so much love for him     

(~love you David~)...... where would I be without you?

                               ....nowhere good; that's for sure..

So..that's where I am today;

....deep in prayer

.....immersed in the gratitude I feel for all my friends, my husband and my God.

My head is lifted above the cloud bank for just this week....

..and I am sooo happy..

... so very happy to see the SUN......

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  1. Sounds beautiful, Gail. We hope it continues into full daylight again.